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Spicewood Country School was established in 1980 to offer something special in child care. Its unique settings, with grazing horses on the grounds, creates the atmosphere of a friendly farm while close to the heart of city life.

The program was designed to meet the needs of the whole child, through the areas of human development – intellectual, emotional, physical, and social – and to ready them in these areas for entrance into public and private schools.

Experiences with animals, music, Spanish and an outdoor learning program, enhance an excellent curriculum of planned units and themes that are changed yearly. Spicewood has truly had a positive impact on the learning and self-esteem of thousands of Austin's children, and stays full by the recommendation of their proud parents.

Our facilities include:
  • 9 acres of beautiful hill country 

  • 4,000 square feet of charming classrooms 

  • Fully equipped, shaded playground and picnic areas 

  • Fenced swimming pool 

  • Barnyard animals 

  • Sports field 

  • Room to explore and fish on the banks of Bull Creek 

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